Solvent (vacuum-proof) cleaning machine series

  • Description:In this refers to the non-aqueous lotion call it. Currently used comes hydrocarbon solvent is most widely used.

Aqueous ultrasonic cleaning machine series

  • Description:Using water-based lotion and ultrasound role as the main cleaning method of cleaning equipment, call it.

High-pressure jet cleaning machine series

  • Description:Pressure on the use of force was subjected to jet wash the laundry, and contaminant removal, in order to achieve cleaning requirements

Customized cleaning machine series

  • Description: In order for the needs of different clients and further customized cleaning equipment referred to

Optional equipment

  • Description: In order to achieve effective cleaning effect, there must be some peripheral auxiliary equipment, in order to exclude dirt, increase cleanliness


Solvent-based and water-cleaning machine comparison table

project Solvent (vacuum-proof) cleaning machine Aqueous cleaning machine (ultrasound or jet)
lotion The non-aqueous (Hydrocarbon solvents, etc.) Aqueous
Ph value No ph value Alkaline or acidic
Oil solubility (KB value) excellent Bad
Wastewater Treatment No waste water Wastewater treatment required
Residual water marks No Prone to water marks
After cleaning oxidation No oxidation (after cleaning, will soon face a temporary phenomenon polar available temporary rust) Easily oxidized (readily oxidized need for anti-oxidation treatment after washing)
Dry Excellent (low heat of vaporization) Bad (high heat of vaporization)
Permeability Excellent (low surface tension, infiltration) Bad (surface tension, penetration inferior)
Pyrophoric Yes No
Cleanliness Excellent (steam cleaning can be implemented to achieve a considerable degree of cleanliness) Bad (cleanliness depends on the amount of water usage may be)
The amount of loss lotion Less (repeated recycling) More (to be re-built bath)
Water consumption

Less (cooling water use)

Multi (rinsed with plenty of water available to ensure cleanliness)
The residue lotion Steam cleaning, drying, lotion completely vaporized without residue Depends on pure water or ultrapure water usage amount may be
energy used  Less (normal wash, lotion without heating) Multi (heating and drying lotions need more power loss)
On the metal surface No (not participating metal surface reactions, and does not detract from any metal Jieke cleaning metallic luster) For strong activity likely to cause corrosion of metal or impair metallic luster. Such as aluminum, copper, etc.
Environmental pollution Low (liquid does not discharge volatile gases broken down by product photochemical effect)  High (impact on the environment - environmental hormone substances)